Arvin police say fraud case may be 'far reaching'

Arvin police say fraud case may be 'far reaching'
Newly discovered evidence, including computer equipment and documents, has led the Arvin Police Department to believe they are investigating a major fraud case with a deep history.

"It's going to be far reaching - long and far reaching," Arvin Police Chief Tommy Tunson said Tuesday.

Police served two search warrants Monday, one at A-American Self Storage on Weedpatch Highway and Highway 58 and the other at the Laurel Avenue home of suspect Hilda Perez Rodriguez, 32.

Rodriguez is jailed with bail set at more than $2 million. She was arrested after possible evidence of fraud was found in her car during a routine traffic stop Sunday at Wooner and La Madrid streets.

In her car, police found boxes and bags of what they said were stolen credit cards, Social Security cards, driver's licenses, personal and business checks, immigration documents and passports, among other items.

Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies are working together on the case, and police said they expect to make more arrests.

The types of documents found, particularly the immigration documents, could indicate extortion, police said.

Neighbors on Laurel Avenue said they were taken by surprise when they saw police searching Rodriguez' house. Neighbors added that Rodriguez and her husband kept to themselves.

"We were expecting maybe them searching for drugs and things like that, but not this," neighbor Alberto Fierro said.