CSUB gets $10.4M for childhood health study

California State University Bakersfield has been chosen along with UC Berkeley and UC Irvine to participate in a ground breaking study about child health.

CSUB is getting more than $10 million to research the effects of the environment on kids in Kern County.

The study will follow local children from before birth to the age of 21. During the study researchers hope to find out the major illnesses kids face in Kern County, and find ways to prevent and threat them.

The study will examine how environmental factors such as air, water, dust, what children eat, and how their cared for effect their health. The Kern County Department of Public Health and Kern Medical Center will also take an active roll in the study providing information.

Major illnesses that will be focused on are autism, birth defects, heart disease and diabetes. Children and families that participate in this study will be chosen at random from all over the county.

CSUB says they will start selecting families for the study in about a year, and will continue selecting kids over the next four years.

The $10.4 million grant is federally funded and more is expected to be given to the university for the study in five years.