Soldier comes home for his birthday

Soldier comes home for his birthday »Play Video
Its a birthday gift for the books, a local soldier is back home from Iraq, just in time to celebrate a birthday on September 11th.

We caught up with Armando Navarro when he returned home September 4th, and was greeted with hugs and tears, but most of all pride from his family. It was on his birthday 7 years ago that Armando decided to become a soldier and on his 17-th birthday he enlisted in the army. His mother, Angel Navarro, says she worries about her son but knows this is what he wants to do. She says he calls her everyday, most of the time saying "When he doesn't when call for three or four days, I sweat and I say why hasn't he called me but he does." But her Armando admitted at times he teases her saying "Sometimes I'll play with her and purpously not call for a few days, but it's fun."

Navarro is in the JAG core, or Judge Advocate General, as a paralegal and within six years he'll have his law degree. Right now, he is only on leave and is due to return to iraq later this month.