Dead newborn found in dumpster in Taft

Dead newborn found in dumpster in Taft
A gruesome discovery for one woman sifting through a dumpster in Taft as she comes across a dead newborn. She found the body in a dumpster in the south alley of the 400 block of Lucard Street, just north of Highway 33. Eyewitness news went to Taft and spoke with the woman who found the baby.

Meanwhile Police believe this tragedy may have been prevented though a anonymous program designed to protect newborns. It's called safe surrender, a mother can take a new born to any fire department or hospital with in three days of birth, no questions asked, giving the baby a chance of life. Something many people in the Taft community wish one mother did with her baby boy.

Socorro Arreola tells us her mother Josephina found the baby while looking for cans in this alley. She says the baby was wrapped in some clothing, and her mother didn't recognize what it was until she saw blood then she noticed the baby.

Taft police are now looking fore the mother, questioning women who have been close to delivery in the past few weeks. Still, Arreola says the tragic discovery was so disturbing it sent her mother to the hospital, saying "She was very upset when she found the baby that's when she got sick and then she got numb."

There have been 8 safe surrenders in Kern County since the law went into effect in 2001. Taft police say they encourage the mother to come forward and tell them what happened. They are also asking anyone with information to call them at 763-3101.