Political pin causes headache for Shafter woman

Political pin causes headache for Shafter woman

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A Shafter woman said she is upset after she was allegedly publicly embarrassed by a poll worker on Election Day.

She went to the polling place to cast her ballot for the second time ever wearing a button displaying her choice for president. She was unaware that what she was doing was illegal.

Nancy Jimenez said a poll worker saw the pin on her shirt and grabbed her while covering up the pin and pushed her all the way across the hall in front of hundreds of people. Then, the worker proceeded to "yell" at her, telling her that she could not wear the pin and that she could be arrested for her actions. 

What Jimenez had unknowingly done is called electioneering, a common mistake made by many voters. Electioneering is defined in the California Election Code Section 319.5 as the visible or audible dissemination of information that advocates for or against any candidate or measure on the ballot within 100 feet of a polling place, an election official's office or a satellite location under Section 3018. 

Jimenez said she would have never gone into the polling place with the pin had she known it was not allowed and that she doesn't appreciate the way she was treated by the poll worker. 

Jimenez did call the elections office to file a complaint and later received a call from Kern County Elections Division Chief Karen Rhea explaining why she was not allowed to wear the button into the polls and apologizing for how the poll worker treated her.