Bank robber asks tellers to "make it quick"

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The FBI says a bank robber dubbed the "make it quick bandit" has been linked to another holdup in Southern California.

Investigators say the unidentified man is suspected in a robbery Friday at a U.S. Bank located inside a Vons supermarket in Gardena. It's the third heist linked to the suspect at the same bank branch.

The FBI says the bandit is suspected in nine grocery-store bank robberies since 2009. His modus operandi is to wander the aisles of the grocery store for a while before holding up the bank teller.

The robber advises the teller that people are waiting for him outside the store.

The suspect's previous heist was a bank in Torrance, his second this year.

He is also suspected of five holdups last year and one in 2009.


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