Mom arrested for 3-year-old girl's death

Mom arrested for 3-year-old girl's death
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A second arrest has been made in the death of a 3-year-old Taft girl. The child's mother, Angela Vickrey, also known as Angela Hanna, was arrested Tuesday and booked on three felony counts, including second-degree murder.

Trinity Hanna died in January after Vickrey rushed her to Bakersfield's San Joaquin Community Hospital.

Medical staff found suspicious injuries, and couldn't save the child's life. Months later, the mother now faces charges in that death

"I think it's fantastic," Taft resident Corey Horton said. "I was really upset to hear that she got off in the first place."

The mother's live-in boyfriend was previously arrested on charges that included murder, torture and child abuse. Eric Foster, who also goes by the last name of Luna, is accused of injuring Trinity.

Court documents say Foster admitted to Kern County Sheriff's investigators that he physically abused the child on at least three occasions.

Foster was in court for a hearing on Tuesday morning, Kern County Sheriff officials say Angela Hanna came to that session, and that's where she was arrested.

In the case against the mother, investigators say she didn't report the injuries her child endured. Some Taft residents hold the mother responsible in the death.

"If I were the mother, there's no way I would have let something like that continue," Anita Hannon said.

According to documents filed in the case against Angela Hanna, the child had a number of injuries. "Trinity Hanna, 3 years, sustained water burns, genital trauma, intestinal tears, and a head injury over a period of several weeks which ultimately led to her death on 1/24/12," a report reads.

Officers said the mother didn't report that, and didn't get the little girl taken care of.

"Specifically, Angela Hanna did not seek medical attention for Trinity Hanna's water burns for approximately three days," the report says.

"Angela Hanna also never sought medical attention for Trinity's vaginal injuries. Detectives also learned Angela Hanna waited approximately and (sic) entire day before seeking medical attention for Trinity Hanna's head injury which caused Trinity to continuously vomit after she was injured."

That alleged lack of care disturbs Ashley Hopkins. "As a mother, I don't know how this was ignored." she told Eyewitness News. "I don't know how you can't treat your daughter or son."

Hopkins and another Taft mother held a vigil for Trinity after the death, and they continue to wear blue ribbons with her name.

"Us being moms, it just really hit home for us," Sarah Davis said. The pair also organized a fund-raiser and play day to help raise awareness of child abuse issues.

They were relieved the mother will face charges in Trinity's death.

"We were happy," Hopkins said, about hearing the news on Tuesday. "As a mother, we don't know how she didn't know. We're happy this came out."

A Taft woman, who declined to be identified, told Eyewitness News she had worked with Angela Hanna. "I'm glad something is being done," she said, hearing about the mother's arrest.

This woman said co-workers worried the mother wasn't taking adequate care of the little girl. And she said it was three days after the child was badly burned, that they convinced the mother to get the toddler to a doctor.

Taft resident Corey Horton is also relieved Angela Hanna is being charged in the child's death. "I honestly thing justice has been served," he said. "Or will be."

Angela Hanna faces three charges: second-degree murder, willful cruelty to a child, and child abuse causing great bodily injury. She's being held on $2 million bail, and is set to be in court on Thursday.