11 BHS students suspended for pep rally brawl

11 BHS students suspended for pep rally brawl
This photo shows Bakersfield High School student Mitch Carter hours after he was allegedly assaulted during a pep rally Friday.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Eleven Bakersfield High School students have been suspended in response to a pep rally that erupted in violence.

The rally was held Friday afternoon in preparation for the Valley championship game between BHS and Clovis West. Student Body President Mitch Carter agreed to dress up in a chicken costume to parody Clovis West's mascot, which is the Golden Eagle.

During the rally, some junior varsity football players came out of the crowd and started play roughhousing with the mascot, but video shows an escalation as more students piled on Carter, reportedly punching and kicking him.

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Carter suffered scrapes, bruises and cuts in the scrum.

Kern High School District spokesman John Teves said Monday that they're still investigating the incident, but he said faculty and staff members aren’t likely to face discipline because of how quickly the incident got out of hand. Some students last week complained that fellow students had to break up the fight, with staff remaining on the sidelines.

Teves said policies are under review and vowed, "This will not happen again."

The district wouldn't disclose the length of the suspensions.

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