Wife suspects foul play in husband's disappearance

Wife suspects foul play in husband's disappearance
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- On Friday, 24-year-old Frank Adams and his wife went to The Home Depot and then Frank decided to swing by a nearby house to check on a friend named Jimmy.

"I saw somebody open the door, my husband went inside and that's the last time I saw him," said his wife, who did not want to use her name out of security concerns.

She would later learn the house on the 8000 block of Big Bear Street has a reputation among law enforcement as being a "drug house."

By Monday evening, Frank Adams had still not shown up at his home nor had he contacted his wife or any other family member. Mrs. Adams said she and the couple's 5-year-old son waited for Frank in their car while he went to inquire about his friend. It was then she said, that a man came out of the house and gave her a message from her husband.

"Frank said for you to go home, and we're going to give him a ride," said the wife.

And then a neighbor reported seeing three men jump over a back fence . Mrs. Adams fears one of those men was her husband being forced to go with the two others. She began to panic and then called police.

She said police were allowed to enter and search the house for her husband and came up empty. Police, she said, appeared skeptical.

Mrs. Adams said police told her that when her husband came home, she needed to have a talk with him, because it seemed like he wanted to party. But the wife has suspicions something else has happened to her husband.

Mrs. Adams claims her husband has never disappeared like this before, and he would never leave her and their son waiting for him while he supposedly went to party. She fears the worst.

"Do they have him? For what? They want money? What do they want?" she said.

A missing persons report has been filed and police have assigned a detective to work on the husband's disappearance. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Frank Adams is urged to call police at (661) 327-7111.