Inga Barks accuses Scott Cox of sexual harassment

Inga Barks accuses Scott Cox of sexual harassment »Play Video
Inga Barks and Scott Cox, former co-hosts on KERN radio, are seen in these file photos.
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Radio host Inga Barks has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former employer and a former colleague.

Barks, who was employed by Bakersfield's KERN radio, alleges that her former co-host Scott Cox sexually harassed and assaulted her throughout much of the last decade.

Barks now works as a popular conservative talk show host for Fresno's KMJ radio.

The lawsuit was filed Aug. 19 in Kern County Superior Court, and Eyewitness News obtained a copy Wednesday. In it, Barks alleges Cox groped her, forced her to kiss him, demanded both conventional and oral sex, and called her by derogatory names, among other claims.

Read the lawsuit (WARNING: Graphic language) >>>

Barks accused her former employer, American General Media, of inaction despite numerous attempts to get the company to intervene. AGM is named as a co-defendant.

In 2008, Barks discovered others had made complaints against Cox for his "harassing and offensive behavior," according to the lawsuit. However, Barks alleges the company still failed to stop the harassment against her.

Barks said Cox and AGM subjected her to assault, discrimination, defamation and emotional abuse.

This isn't the first time Cox has found himself in the crosshairs for his alleged actions. In 2008, Cox was suspended from KERN radio for removing 15 campaign signs belonging to Kern High School District Trustee Chad Vegas.

Cox said he took the signs as a prank and publicity stunt.

In past elections, Cox also stole signs belonging to Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall and Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard.