Police can impound car driven by boyfriend with suspended license

Police can impound car driven by boyfriend with suspended license »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — When Emily Voelker made the decision to move to California, she was expecting a warm welcome. What she got was much different. Voelker, who settled in California City, said a recent experience at a Bakersfield police checkpoint changed her perception.

"Me and my boyfriend decided to go through downtown Bakersfield and check it out, because we're new to the area." Voelker said

Voelker's boyfriend Jeremy Ness was driving her 2008 Mustang when the pair encountered the DUI checkpoint. Ness was busted for driving on a suspended license.

Voelker said since her license is valid, and she owns the car, she believed she would be able to drive it home. She quickly learned she was wrong.

Police impounded the Mustang. Frustrated and confused, Voelker said she and her boyfriend took to researching on the Internet. She found a vehicle code she believes allows unlicensed drivers to call a license driver to take their car home from a checkpoint.

Bakersfield Detective Uriel Pacheco said the vehicle code in question, officially known as vehicle code 2814.2, only applies to drivers who don't have licenses. Drivers who have a license that is suspended or revoked are not covered under the code.