Disneyland scam: Woman finds problem with Craigslist tickets

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — All one woman wanted to do was take a trip to the land where dreams come true. But that birthday dream soon turned into a nightmare, so she contacted Eyewitness News to help others have a happy ending.

"I love going to Disneyland," said Frazier Park resident Robin Willoughby.

And what better way to celebrate your birthday than at the Happiest Place on Earth? But, what was supposed to be a happy day turned into an embarrassing nightmare.

Willoughby went onto Craigslist and thought she found a deal out of the hundreds of posts listing Disneyland tickets for sale.

"Everything sounded totally legit, so he went and paid $150 cash for these tickets," said Willoughby.

She thought everything was fine until she tried to get into the park and was stopped at the gate.

"That's when the questions started, Disney personnel, and then more higher-up Disney personnel, and then Disney police, and then Anaheim P.D.," recalled Willoughby.

She said she was questioned for an hour and 20 minutes and she was told that people had tried to use that same ticket over 100 times.

Eyewitness News contacted Disneyland officials, who are very aware of the issue. They sent this comment: "So that our guests are not taken advantage of, we strongly advise that they only purchase tickets at Disneyland Resort, on our website or through an authorized seller to ensure that tickets are valid."

Another scam that can be found on Craigslist, that Disney is cracking down on, is called ticket renting – an instance where someone buys a multiday pass and rents it out daily to make a profit.

"Some of them meet you at the end of the day at the park and they want to get the ticket returned. They were actually telling me about this when I was getting questioned," said Willoughby about her experience.

Now, the mouse has gotten wise on how people are scamming their way into his house, and it's become common practice to link a photo with a pass, that way only the person who bought the tickets can use them.

Willoughby said she takes full responsibility for her mistake, and said thanks to Disney she spent the rest of her birthday living happily ever after.

"I was so astonished when they came down and they said, Mrs. Willoughby, we'd like to give you a ticket for your birthday. I almost cried, cause I just thought it was fabulous that they had made good on my stupidity," said Willoughby.