'Clean your criminal record' a scam or a sign of opportunity?

'Clean your criminal record' a scam or a sign of opportunity? »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Drivers along Oak Street noticed signs Wednesday with bold red lettering, promising to clean a person's criminal record for a fee of $399.

Eyewitness News looked into who is behind the signs and found The Richard Morrow Group, based in Orange County.

"As long as you are not currently on probation for that conviction or any other conviction, meaning you have no other cases and you did meet the condition of your case, you pretty much qualify for a 1203.4 dismissal,” said Victor Ochoa of The Richard Morrow Group.

Ochoa went on to explain the process of cleaning a person's criminal record.

He said The Richard Morrow Group has successfully used this process to get convictions wiped away – offenses that he said wouldn't have to be listed on future job applications.

Bakersfield attorney Kyle Humphry said those seeking to have their records expunged can do it by filling out forms directly through the probation department for a cost of only $120.

Humphry said those looking to hide their past convictions from future employers are probably still be out of luck.

“We live in the information age. If you ever have been convicted of anything, arrested, public records, someone’s got it, and it’s on the Web,” Humphrey said.