Sick Craigslist puppy costs new owner $2,000

Sick Craigslist puppy costs new owner $2,000 »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A Bakersfield woman found herself paying about $2,000 in vet bills for a puppy she bought on Craigslist.

She originally bought the dog because it was a runt and the owners were willing to sell the baby boxer at a discounted price of $150.

“She just melted my heart,” said LaDonna Hulsey, the new owner of Gidget the boxer.

After she bought Gdget, she quickly realized the puppy was sick.

“She kept trying to poop. And she was having a hard time,” described Hulsey.

She took Gidget to a vet and found out she had atresia ani, a condition where the dog has problems going to the bathroom.

Hulsey called the Craigslist seller, Joe Garcia, demanding her money back.

“I don’t have the money right now,” responded Garcia.

He also mentioned that he didn’t know the dog was sick.

“She seemed OK to me. I mean, she’d run around with other ones. Fight, bark, whatever,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he won’t refund her money or pay the vet bills, and the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. Now, Gidget needs surgery to not only correct the problem, but to save her life.

“It’s causing toxicity to her body,” said a teary Hulsey. “And I’m praying that she’ll continue to be a fighter and come through it.

Maggie Kalar, of Kern County Animal Control, said when you add a pet to your life, that you should do your homework first.

“When you’re going to adopt an animal or bring a new animal into your home, you really want to understand the background of that animal," said Kalar. “Is the animal already spayed and neutered? Is it microchipped? Is it vaccinated? Is it licensed?”

For Hulsey, this Craigslist purchase is a lesson learned. But, for now, she just wants to see Gidget healthy again.

Gidget had two surgeries Tuesday. Part I was meant to correct the anatomical problem. Part II was about removing all the junk that’s still inside of her.