Red, white and blue protest has some seeing red

Red, white and blue protest has some seeing red

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — One Kern County man unhappy with this year's election outcome is hoisting his frustrations on the flagpole. The Bear Valley resident, who did not speak to Eyewitness News, is expressing his discontent by hanging the American flag upside down.

Eyewitness News looked at the U.S. Flag Code, which states that an upside down flag signals that the flag-bearer is in dire distress.

"I think I feel the same way he does, cause as I was saying I was thinking of putting mine upside down, as well," said the protestor's neighbor, Lisa Glasgow.

According to Glasgow, the man who hung the Stars and Stripes upside down is distressed about the election results. He is not alone. A man in Hereford, Ariz., caused a flutter in his neighborhood when he hung his flag upside down outside his home.

Many people have staged similar forms of flag protests across the country. But, the protest is meeting major opposition.

"I just think it's disrespectful," said Bear Valley resident Colleen Reimer. She said it doesn't matter if you like President Barack Obama or not, Reimer and other neighbors don't like what's being done to Old Glory.

"You know, that flag represents a lot of lives lost and friends that have had kids killed (or) legs blown off. I just don't think we should be taking it out on the flag," said Reimer.

Eyewitness News found out that it's not illegal to fly a flag upside down. However, according to California's Military and Veterans Code, Sec. 614, it is a misdemeanor to mutilate, deface, defile, burn or trample on a flag.

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