Recently relocated family faces septic problem

Recently relocated family faces septic problem
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Timothy Williamson is upset because he moved his family down to Bakersfield from the Sacramento area in mid-February, into a rental property, only to be inundated by septic issues with the home.

About three weeks ago, the septic tank began to malfunction, causing an overflow of sewage to seep into Williamson’s and even his neighbor’s yards.

On Wednesday, Kern County Code Compliance came to the house and red-tagged it, meaning it is currently uninhabitable.

Williamson said the property owner lives out of town and sent someone over to fix the problem, but it kept recurring.

“He was supposed to have the septic people come out here and put acid or something in the tank so it could eat up all the solids, so it’ll stay low, but it keeps overflowing," he said.

Juan Martinez, the owner of the property, told Eyewitness News over the phone that he sent someone from Pumping 4 Less to the home to empty the septic tank on March 2.

He claims that the people from the septic company told him that it was impossible to get full again that fast and that the tenants must be doing something to cause the recurring overflow.

Since the problem wasn’t resolved properly and Code Compliance tagged the house, now the family has to be out.

Williamson said he has been unable to get ahold of the owner.

"He’s not answering his phone, he’s not answering his texts. He’s not calling us back. He’s not doing (anything)," said Williamson.

On top of that, the owner has now issued a three-day notice to either pay or quit.

“He told me and my wife that this month we only have to pay half the rent, because of all the problems that we’ve been having," said Williamson.

Code Compliance is working to help find the family a temporary place to stay, but say the family does have some legs when it comes to getting reimbursed in a situation like this. The owner of the property is likely to face fees and fines the longer the problem persists.