Oildale woman claims she received fake money from store

Oildale woman claims she received fake money from store »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - A woman contacted Eyewitness News after she says she claims she received counterfeit money from an Oildale retailer.

Heather Stephens received the money after cashing a check at an Oildale market. She said while making a purchase with the cash at an Oildale convenience store, she was told her bill was fake.

"Luckily, it was people that we knew there, so they know we weren't playing games," said Stephens.

The daycare operator said she took the bill back to the food market where she cashed the check, but she was shocked when the manager "told me she would have never accepted that hundred, and that I was lying, and that they have signs posted I need to check my money."

According to police Sgt. Joe Grubbs, the store manager might be right. He said customers with questions need to stay in the store until the issue is resolved, if they suspect they've been passed fake money.

Grubbs explained why stores aren't liable if you leave and come back.

"Once your gone, then the argument can be, 'They took the good money and replaced it with counterfeit money,'" Grubbs said.

The Secret Service has a website dedicated to identifying marks and other way to authenticate the money you receive.