New cul de sacs downtown impacting traffic on 21st Street

New cul de sacs downtown impacting traffic on 21st Street »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Since cul de sacs have been installed on five streets intersecting with 24th Street in downtown Bakersfield, some residents who live on 21st Street aren’t happy about the increased traffic.

The cul de sacs prevent traffic from cutting through those neighborhoods from 24th Street.

Jake Morse, who lives on A Street, said he and his wife are pleased with the cul de sacs.

“We were for it,” said Morse, adding, “I think it’s great. Look’s good too.”

The Morses have a baby daughter and feel that their street is now a safer place.

“It was a busy street before. My dog almost got hit a couple times,” said Morse. “We’ve probably seen about six wrecks on the corner here since we’ve been here a year and a half.”

Bakersfield City Councilman Terry Maxwell said now he has received complaints from some of the residents who live on 21st.

“People on 21st Street were never asked if they wanted to have those streets ‘cul de sacked’ or not, but it definitely has impacted them,” Maxwell said. “You’ve got people that would normally go down one of those now-cul de sac streets and might just go straight through it, now they’re making two trips. It’s created a lot more traffic on 21st.”

Morse told Eyewitness News that he and his wife have noticed more traffic on 21st Street, especially during rush hours.

Kern Council of Governments put traffic counters on 21st and 24th streets that will be collected on Friday. That data should be available sometime next week.

Maxwell said if they find that it is a problem, the city then needs to start talking about some solutions.