Neighbors cry foul over noisy nuisance

Neighbors cry foul over noisy nuisance »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A northeast Bakersfield neighborhood has suffered for about a year with a noisy nuisance. The situation has made life miserable for residents near College Avenue and Fairfax Road. It turns out the culprit is a squatter -- of sorts.

Bree Tillery has lived in a condo here for eleven years, the last 12 months have been rough.

"He'll wake us up about 2:30, 3:30 in the morning depending on how dark it is," Tillery said. The trouble maker is a rooster crowing loud and long.

"He doesn't stop," Tillery complains. "Sometimes it will be two to three hours. Sometimes it's 20 minutes."

She worries somebody is keeping chickens in the Bakersfield residential neighborhood. "I had called and found out it was illegal to have a rooster," Tillery said. She's pretty sure she hears the noisy bird down the street, but she's in a wheelchair and can't navigate the hill to get out and check around.

If she could, Tillery would follow the crowing and track down just where the bird is. On Friday, Eyewitness News heard the rooster at about noon, and traced the noise to an area that seemed to be behind a house on the west side of Fortier.

A man in the house next door said he's heard plenty of the crowing, and seen way too much of the rooster. "He sleeps in our trees in our back yard," Joe said. He didn't want to give his last name. "I've tried to catch him, he's too fast. I've sprayed him with water in the tree, and he won't come down."

The rooster was in his neighbor's back yard, and then next went into the front yard of the house to the south. A woman there said the rooster has been hanging around for months. Sometimes in her yard, and sometimes up the street. She said the colorful bird likes the pond in her yard and sleeps in the trees.

"I don't know if someone just let him loose or what," Joe commented. "But I don't think anybody owns him."

Eyewitness News contacted Bakersfield Code Enforcement officer David Paquette, and he promised to check into the situation. If it's a stray bird, that makes things more difficult, Paquette said. But, he'll contact Bakersfield Animal Control and they'll see about rounding up the bird.

If someone was keeping a rooster or chickens, that is against Bakersfield ordinances. Paquette said in most residential zones in the city "barn yard fowl" are not allowed, only household pets.

A city council committee has considered new rules to permit a certain number of chickens, but that idea's on hold for while. City Attorney Ginny Gennaro told Eyewitness News even if there are rule-changes about chickens, roosters would never be allowed.

Tillery is relieved somebody is at least checking into the nuisance. Joe also hopes something can be done about the noisy squatter who's moved into their neighborhood.

But, he calls the pesky rooster a Ninja. "I want him to be gone, but it's hard to catch him," Joe said. "I hope they do, he's a nuisance."