Neighbors complain about business security alarm

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Some Oildale neighbors say the security system at a nearby business goes off at all hours with a long, loud and piercing siren.

They want it stopped.

Tuesday, a company worker told Eyewitness News the business is making a change. Neighbors hope that ends a two-year nuisance.

"It's like a siren, a loud siren," Virginia Widen described. "I'm 90 years old, and I don't need that kind of noise."

She lives off East Warren Avenue, about a block east of North Chester Avenue. Widen said the alarm will wake her up.

"I'm lying in bed about 6 this morning, the alarm goes off, I come out, nobody's around," neighbor Robert Schroeder added. He thinks it’s a false alarm when the alarm gets tripped. He lives on East Warren, across the street from Dave Davous.

Davous called Eyewitness News when the alarm went off again on Tuesday morning, and left a message on a reporter's voice mail.

"Can you hear it?" Davous asks in the message. The siren is clearly heard in the background of his phone call. Davous lives about a block from the offices of Hazard Safety Services, Incorporated. The wailing siren is high-pitched and continuous.

"It went off twice on Sunday, Mother's Day," his message continued. "Can you hear it?"

Neighbor say they've been hearing the siren for a couple years intermittently. Davous says there may be a couple weeks with no alarm, and then it hits again, usually on a weekend.

"It hasn't gone off for maybe a week or two," neighbor Gary Johnson agreed. "But these past four or five days, it has."

Davous says the alarms usually happen early in the morning, and the siren can continue to sound for seven to ten minutes, and sometimes longer.

Davous and Schroeder live on E. Warren, just east of North Chester, and the other neighbors live along an alley that parallels Chester. There’s a mostly empty lot there on the east side of Chester, with the company office on the west side.

The neighbors are all about a block away from the business. They say even at that distance, the noise is a disruption.

Schroeder says he calls the sheriff's department when the alarm goes off.

"I call them every time" he said. He says that was the advice he got from Kern County Supervisor Mike Maggard's office. Schroeder says sometimes officers can't respond, but sometimes they do come out. He said one said there's nothing they can do about the noise.

Eyewitness News checked with KCSO spokesman Ray Pruitt. He checked records for this year, and found four calls about the alarms. Pruitt said two were from Davous, and two were to the N. Chester address for the business. He said no reports were taken on the calls for service, so there's very little information available from their office.

Eyewitness News went to the company office and a woman said the owner would not comment. But, she said "it has been silenced."

Johnson said his mother talked to the business Tuesday after the latest alarm, and says she was told the company was sorry, but there was nothing they could do.

Schroeder says last Father's Day the alarm went off at 5 a.m. and workers at the site were not sympathetic about the noise.

"They told us we should move," he insists. Schroeder says the neighbors' patience has run thin. "It's gone off four times in the last three days. It's gone off probably 100 times in the past year, or close to it."

Neighbors are convinced these are false alarms when they hear the siren.

"Every time the wind blows, a piece of paper blows through their parking lot over there through their lot, the alarm goes off," Schroeder says.

Johnson also thinks the alarm system just isn't working right, and the neighbors are suffering for it.

"The system, to me, is flawed," he said. "Even just an animal could be setting it off, cat jumping the fence or something like that," he speculates. The neighbors insist there is no real security threat when the siren sounds. “When they go out and look, there's nothing there," Johnson said.