Man seeks help with mouse-infested rental home

Man seeks help with mouse-infested rental home »Play Video
LAKE ISABELLA, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Eyewitness news viewer Craig Hill has been renting a mobile home in Lake Isabella for the last nine months, but in the last few months he’s discovered a big problem.

The home that he rents from Able Property Management in Lake Isabella and lives in with his dog, Roxy, is infested with mice.

“I’ve been killing them for 57 days," said Hill. “I was saving them in a 5-gallon bucket, since then it’s gone out with the trash. I was going to take it down there and show them, this is what I’m living with.”

Hill did inform Able Property Management about the mice problem and then sent an exterminator from Oxley Pest Control to the home.

“I showed him the holes, and I said, ‘But the nest is inside the couch and behind the wall,’” Hill told Eyewitness News. “When we pulled the couch out and rolled it up on its side, about eight of them come flying out, running all over.”

“He ran all the way to the gate and goes, ‘I’m not going back in here,’” Hills said about the exterminator. “I said, ‘I’ve been living with this for weeks.’”

Hill told Eyewitness News that the pest control company and Able Property Management want to kill the mice with poison. He said the property management company asked him to board his dog somewhere else until the problem is solved.

“They want me to remove my dog from the property for two months while they take care of the mice problem,” said Hill. “She’s listed in my lease as a service companion animal. You’re not supposed to even send me something like that.”

Hill is disabled and has a note from his doctor, verifying the dog is a service animal for him.

Al Rojas, with Kern County Code Compliance, said if the dog is listed in the lease as a service animal, the property management company should be responsible for relocating Hill and his dog until the problem is resolved.

“They have another unit over in South Lake. A cleaner unit without rodents,” said Hill. “Can you move my deposit over there and I’ll pay the first month’s rent and I’ll just move out of this mess? You guys can do whatever you need to without me or my animal here. They refused.”

Eyewitness News tried several times to contact Able Property Management. We were told a manager would be there on Friday, but when we called on Friday, several times, we were told he wouldn’t be available all day.