Lamont business owners want sweepstakes cafes shutdown

Lamont business owners want sweepstakes cafes shutdown »Play Video
A sweepstakes cafe is seen Monday, July 15, 2013, in Lamont, Calf.
LAMONT Calif (KBAK, KBFX) — Business owners in Lamont are unhappy about the effect several sweepstakes cafes are having in their town.

Over the past few years, sweepstakes cafes have been popping up across California, a handful right here in Kern County. The latest cafes have opened in Lamont.

A man speaking on condition of anonymity Monday recalled seeing a recent spike in bad incidents near his business, including fights. He blamed tow recently opened sweepstakes cafes.

Eyewitness News heard similar complaints from Bakersfield business owners about an unwanted element that surfaced near their establishments with the rise in sweepstakes cafes back in 2011 and 2012.

Greg Pulskam is the lead for the Kern County District Attorney's Office working to shut down sweepstakes cafes. He said the superior court judge issued an order that closed 10 cafes. Currently, there are five active cases that will be heard by the state's appellate court.