Door-to-door handyman 'kind of suspicious'

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A family said a purported handyman went door-to-door throughout their neighborhood last week offering suspicious business cards, prompting concerns of potential criminal activity.
Edgar Benetiz, who owns his home on the 6000 block of Shangri La Lane in northwest Bakersfield, said the man approached he and his family offering his home-improvement services.
"He gave me a business card. He said he lived around the neighborhood," Benetiz said. "I've never seen him around here. ... And, I told my wife that he was kind of suspicious, you know?"
The man identified himself as only a "Mr. Flynn."
An Eyewitness News investigation discovered that the contractor's license number on the card was nonexistent, according to the California Contractor's State License Board website.
The phone number on the card appears to have been disconnected.
"If somebody's coming to your door and purporting to be a professional or some type of licensed contractor," said Bakersfield police Sgt. Joe Grubbs, "do some follow-up before you would employ that person."
"Why is that person going door-to-door? Most legitimate contractors and business people, they advertise through the normal sources of advertisement, the newspaper, now online, social media," the police sergeant added.
Grubbs said the license plate number on the car that "Mr. Flynn" was driving is registered to someone of the name who does live in the area.
"In this case, it doesn't appear to be necessarily ill intent, other than there's some issues with the contractors licensing number and the telephone number," Grubbs said.
Benetiz said he just wanted to keep his neighbors on the lookout.

"Bringing awareness to the community, to my neighborhood, that there's people out there doing shady stuff and hopefully we can prevent something from happening," he said.