Elderly vet gets to stay in apartment after landlord reversal

Elderly vet gets to stay in apartment after landlord reversal »Play Video

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A Korean War veteran has won his months-long battle to stay in his home.

It all started with a couple of stove burners that wouldn't start. Bill Quigley, 82, would lose his Section 8 housing assistance without a working stove.

Urner’s Appliance gave Quigley a new stove, but he was evicted anyway, or at least served a 90-day notice from his landlord.

But, on Thursday, Quigley got some good news. The landlords reversed their decision to evict him.

He doesn’t know why they're letting him stay, but he's happy and thankful for the support.

“Everybody's calling, saying we're going to stick by you, we're going to do this,” said Quigley, “and maybe they got the word to these people.”

Quigley said it's like his favorite holiday has come early.

“I feel good, because I like it. Christmas, I’ll be here 15 years. That’s a long time. I’m going to be 83 the next month after that," he said.

He said he wants the landlord to know he’s thankful.

"Thanks for, you know, letting me stay, but also thanks for all the heart problems you're giving me," Quigley said.

Multiple attempts by Eyewitness News to contact the landlord have been unsuccessful.