Are there enough disabled parking spots in Bakersfield?

Are there enough disabled parking spots in Bakersfield? »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — One Eyewitness News viewer said he's concerned about parking for disabled drivers in Bakersfield. He's said he wants to see changes made so more accessible parking spots are available.

Rondy Upshaw said he suffers from numerous medical conditions, including heart problems and nerve damage to his feet - a result of chemotherapy he underwent for testicular cancer.

So, when Upshaw goes to the store, he's always looking for disabled parking but said those spots are not always available. He said the city and local business should add more spots. But, there are guidelines in place.

"If there are 100 or fewer parking spaces available to the public, at least four of those spots need to be accessible," explained Brandy Midkiff with the Independent Living Center.

Midkiff said not all drivers follow the law when it comes to using those spots.

"People see that spot and don't realize that the marks are a continuation of the spot. I think it's a matter of getting more education," she said.

The Americans With Disabilities Act has jurisdiction over parking. If you think a business is in violation of the act that regulates "accessible" parking spots, call the Independent Living Center at (661) 325-1063.