Problems arise with incomplete absentee ballots

Problems arise with incomplete absentee ballots
Voting by absentee this election? Better check your ballot to make sure it has all the races, propositions and measures you may be entitled to vote on.

Some absentee ballots mailed out to voters are blank on the back, denying voters the right to vote on everything they may be entitled to.

"These are isolated incidents," said Kern County Chief Deputy Registrar Sandy Brockman.

The front of an absentee ballot should include the races for partisan offices such as President and Vice President, Congressional and State Offices as well as school board races and state propositions.

The back of the ballot should continue with the state propositions and any local measures. If the back of the ballot is blank, voters are to contact the Kern County Elections Department.

Brockman says the problem arose with the printing company used out of Fresno.

"What happens is at the printers two pieces of paper ballots would go through the machine at the same time. It would print the front one piece of the ballot and the back on the other," said Brockman.

Voters who receive an incomplete ballot should call the Kern County Elections Department at (661) 868-3590.