2 families look for help with stinky apartment

2 families look for help with stinky apartment »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Two families were left with sewage flooding, including fecal matter, in their apartments after a pipe burst at their complex last Monday.

The tenants, who live at Bakersfield Family Apartments at Brundage Lane and P Street, were furious after they said their property manager did nothing to help.

“I asked her if we could be placed in an apartment that didn't have smell, you know, something that would be safe for my kids,” said Amanda Morales, one of the tenants. "She said that her managers were not going to approve of that.”

Instead, the manager requested for the carpets be dried leaving the family to deal with the stench and ruined items.

Morales and her family had to live at a hotel, and now with other family members, paying everything out of her own pocket. She said this has caused a financial burden on her family.

The tenant in the other unit, Sheree Carabez, said the same thing happened to her. She said everything was flooded and she had many personal belongings ruined.

Morales filed a complaint with Bakersfield Code Enforcement. Carabez has not yet done so.

Monday afternoon, code enforcement officers showed up to inspect the damage done to Morales’s apartment. After inspecting the apartment, officers marked it to be unsafe for occupancy.

“What we found during our officers inspection was that there had been sewage that had spilled over into the property,” said Wanda Neal, code enforcement supervisor. “Until it's properly cleaned and sanitized no one can live there until it's properly taken care of.”

Officers will be back to inspect the apartment again once after the proper precautions are taken to make sure the apartment is fit for tenants to live in.

Neal urges those going through similar situations to file a complaint with the city immediately.