Lamont apartments without AC in 90-degree heat

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LAMONT, Calif. — Trying to beat the heat isn't possible for residents living at Rancho Lindo Apartments in Lamont.

With the heat index outside at or above 90 degrees, it's easy to see why these tenants are steamed. Residents Jose Gonzales and Rudy Eortillo said they've been without a working air condition for more than three months, and they're not alone. Rudy said more than 10 other apartments have no cool air.

"Our air-condition unit hasn't been working, and management told us they were going to fix it, but they haven't done nothing about it yet," Gonzales said.

Eyewitness News went down to the apartment office Friday to find out why it's taking so long. The manager told us to contact their corporate office.

We placed a call to Always With Integrity, which is Rancho Lindo's Corporate Office.

"We've been trying to fix the problem for three weeks, and every organization that needs to be involved is involved in getting the AC fixed," said vice president of AWI Michael Burke.

During his interview with Eyewitness News, Burke was unable to give us a date for when the problem would be fixed. But with temperatures expected to break triple digits next week, waiting is anything but cool.

According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs, a landlord is responsible for making repairs within 30 days. According to attorney Timothy McKinley, a responsible time should be a week to a month from when the problem was initially reported.

AWI called us and said all the units have now been restored. However, we are still waiting on conformation from residents.