Arvin-area residents wait for answer on train cars

Arvin-area residents wait for answer on train cars
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ARVIN, Calif. -- Neighbors near Arvin are frustrated by a long line of graffiti-covered train cars left in that location for about two years. But, this week Amtrak officials say they will have more information on the situation.

The cars sit on track near Tejon Highway and Russell Avenue. They are marked "Amtrak," but look like boxcars -- not passenger cars.

Eyewitness News started investigating the situation in November. Neighbors say the empty cars are an eyesore, and a possible magnet for crime. Residents say transients can be seen living in them sometimes.

On Tuesday after being contacted by Eyewitness News, Amtrak spokeswoman Vernae Graham said the company is still looking into the matter, and said she would respond later this week.

In November, Graham told Eyewitness News Amtrak had leased these train cars, but the company is no longer in the mail/express business. So the cars are no longer in operation, and they are being "stored" at this location.

There are 36 of these cars, and neighbors think this is not an appropriate place to store them. Again, the Amtrak spokeswoman said she would respond to Eyewitness News later this week.