New green way of transportation in downtown Bakersfield

New green way of transportation in downtown Bakersfield »Play Video

Think Green Pedicabs is a new man powered bike transportation service in downtown Bakersfield.  According to the American Lung Association, Bakersfield is currently the third most polluted city in the nation.  This statistic drove Stephen Schrepfer to bring a pedicab service to Bakersfield.

“My goal is to improve the air we breathe, one pedal at a time,” said Schrepfer.He has even improved his own health through his new business.  “The first two weeks in business I lost 27 pounds and I've never felt better,” he said.

In total Schrepfer has spent about $15,000 bringing his Think Green Pedicab business to life.

“This is considered a bicycle there's no motorized or power assist unit on this, though there are some options like that available but to me that will take away from the whole green theme,” said Schrepfer. “What I'm trying to do to promote better air.”

Schrepfer currently operates his business on tips; he hopes his pedicab services will bring more customers to downtown Bakersfield businesses.

“Ultimately my goal is to get people to spend some money downtown in the businesses,” said Schrepfer. “Not everybody is carrying around a large sum of money in their pocket, so a few dollars to go a few blocks is, I think, beneficial to my customers and the downtown businesses.”

Schrepfer also offers advertising and marketing through Think Green Pedicabs.

He has been in business for a month and said he has heard nothing but positive reviews from his customers.  He is currently looking at purchasing more pedicabs and expanding Think Green Pedicabs.