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Joan Lunden talks cancer, life and caring for her own

TV legend Joan Lunden talks about her own battle with cancer, plus she'll tell us what we need to be doing to take care of our own. Read more »

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Nanny Relations: Picking the right caregiver for your family

As a new parent you read all the baby books about what to expect and what to do. But have you ever thought about the all important next step when maternity leave is over and you head back to work? Read More »

Health Alert Special: Diabetes Awareness

Special edition of Health Alert focusing on the deadly disease. We'll introduce you to survivors and an unlikely tool in the fight against diabetes. Read More »

Health Alert Special: Targeting Breast Cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we are focusing the entire show on the deadly disease. Read More »

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YouNews inclement weather can be beautiful inclement weather can be beautiful
Coming out of a restaurant in Taft, I happen to look up to see this wonderful view. We were hoping for more rain. Instead, we got a show from God.
YouNews Man Made Drought Man Made Drought
h.a.a.r.p.,,,nexrad,,,chemtrails. look this stuff up.You will be upset..The deceitfulness of are so called defacto government.not a dejure one.This is whats causing are drought.All that global warming non sense.Has been not factual but consensus.Based on b.s. So now they call it climate change.