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National Organ Donor Month

Do you have a little pink dot on your drivers license? March is National Organ Donor Month and two women are raising awareness about how organ donation can save lives. Their stories are surprising and inspiring.... Read more »

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Kern County woman shows generosity in the face of cancer

Her name is Alaina Taylor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer four days after her 40th birthday. Her cancer? Very aggressive and she was immediately put on chemotherapy. Fighting the disease was a no-brainer for this mother of four. Read More »

Excessive sweating? Migraine? Bring on the Botox!

Many people turn to injections to get beautiful, but there is another benefit to Botox that has nothing to do with smoothing wrinkles. Read More »

Brain injury awareness: Q&A

We spoke with an expert from the Center for Neuro Skills, as well as a family affected by the complications of brain injury. Read More »

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