'They feel a bruised bone, but they'll have saved that life'

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — One little girl from east Bakersfield is asking for the community's help to get back in school. Trenity Monsibais, 10, wants more than anything to go back to being a regular kid again.

"I mostly miss school, because all my friends are there, and I miss my friends," Trenity said.

She's not in school because she was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago, and now the cancer has spread to her bone marrow.

"It's a parent's worst nightmare, you know, just to go to the doctor, and they tell you your daughter has cancer. It's nothing you can compare it to. Nothing," said Trenity's mother, Alicia Monsibais.

The family partnered with the organization Be The Match, a national marrow donor program, to sign members of the public up into the program's marrow registry at St. Joseph's Church on Sunday. Representatives from Be The Match said that signing up is important, because there are numerous cancer patients that depend on finding a correct match for their marrow.

"It can save a life that no one else can," said Trina Brajkovich, a representative from Be The Match. "That means that nobody in the family matched and this person will pass away if you don't come down and join the registry."

Organization members said that the testing process is simple. All it takes is a swab on the inside of a person's cheek with a Q-tip. After that, the program analyzes the sample to determine if there is a match.

If the preliminary screening yields a match, Be The Match will call the donor in for some blood work. If you're a strong match, they call you in for the actual marrow donation. Representatives said that donating marrow doesn't hurt because the donor is under the whole time.

"The marrow comes from the flat part of the hip bone. It takes about an hour, and we do put people completely under general anesthesia so they don't feel anything," Brajkovich said. "What they do feel when they come to is a bruised bone, but they'll have saved that life that no one else could have."

There are certain restrictions to being a donor; for example, donors cannot have asthma or diabetes.

Visit the Be The Match website for the full list of restrictions or to learn more.