Kern County doctor faces accusations of gross negligence

Kern County doctor faces accusations of gross negligence »Play Video
DELANO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - One local obstetrician/gynecologist could possibly have his medical license revoked or suspended after the California Medical Board accused him of gross negligence.

The medical board claims Dr. Rahul Sharma did not perform ultrasounds or did not perform them correctly.

Sharma has been working as an OB/GYN since 2002. He works at four different practices in Kern County - Bakersfield, Arvin, Wasco and Delano.

The accusations come from his Delano practice.

Because the state did not find Sharma an immediate danger to his patients, he has not been suspended. A hearing will determine the fate of his medical license.

"What will happen at this point is it will move over to the Office of Administrative Hearings and will be set," said Cassandra Hockenson, public affairs manager of the medical board. "The first thing that will happen is they will set, basically, a pretrial conference, and if there can be an agreement or stipulation then that will occur. If not, it could go to trial in front of an administrative law judge."

According to Sharma, there is a different reason behind the accusations.

"There's a bigger picture behind why these complaints are coming from one location where I do only 10 percent of my patient care," said Sharma. "The community of Delano needs to question who is behind it and why somebody is behind it."

Although accusations have been filed, the hearing has not yet been scheduled, and the doctor has not been found guilty of any charges.

"Complaints are public knowledge, and I am appealing them," said Sharma. "I'm confident that they will be resolved in my favor, and that will also be public knowledge."