Healthcare outrage: man's health bill goes viral

A Sacramento man is outraged over his bill from the Operating Room.

According to CBS Sacramento, 20-year-old Nic Gonzalez was charged $55,000 for an appendectomy. He posted the bill online, and now his gripe with the cost of healthcare has gone viral, with more than 10,000 people joining in the debate.

According to a 2009 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the average cost of a appendectomy averages around $33,000.

The hospital, Sutter Health, said they charged Gonzalez $22,000 more than average, because California's uninsured add to the burden that patients pay.  The hospital said in a statement, "Sutter Health agrees that an improved billing structure is needed."

Gonzalez's limited coverage insurance plan picked up some of the bill, but left him more than $11,000 to pay out of pocket.

 "I wasn't looking for pity or anything, I was just looking to enlighten, to inform people of the situation," he told local media. He said he hopes the dialogue he sparked leads to change.