Blood bank hosts donor event in honor of sick 11-month-old boy

Blood bank hosts donor event in honor of sick 11-month-old boy »Play Video

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Houchin Community Blood Bank hosted a special donation event Wednesday to increase the pool of donors for those in need.  
The event called Donate Life was organized in honor of 11-month-old Jayce Walker, who was diagnosed with a form of leukemia in May. Jayce has been undergoing blood transfusions, and due to a chromosomal defect, he will need a bone marrow transplant down the road. 
Trina Brajkovich, from National Marrow Donor Program Be The Match, was at the event getting people signed into the database of possible donors.

“Every day, over 9,000 patients are searching for a match. There are over 70 different things that are treated and cured with a marrow transplant,” said Brajkovich.
Tiger Rossi said he has been donating blood for around 30 years, and for the first time last month he donated bone marrow after registering back in 2006.

“Three or four months ago they called me and said I was a possible match for a 67-year-old woman that had pre-leukemia,” said Rossi.  He said being able to donate and save lives is an amazing experience.
Carola Enriquez, director of community development for Houchin Blood Bank, said they are always in need of donors. To have people donate regularly allows them to better utilize their supply instead of coming in and donating after a tragedy occurs. The reasons for this are that the blood has a shelf life and also it takes about two days to process blood so for an immediate need, they use blood that has already been stored.

She also says there is always a need for donors of platelets.