Wal-Mart puts forward plans to build new store in Lamont

Wal-Mart puts forward plans to build new store in Lamont »Play Video

LAMONT, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has proposed to build a new store in Lamont at the southeast corner of Di Giorgio Road and Weedpatch Highway.
The 130,000-square-foot store would open within the next two or three years on what is now a large farm.
Wal-Mart is still in the planning stages to build the store that would anchor a 20-acre shopping center with up to five other retail stores or restaurants, company spokeswoman Rachel Wall said Monday.
"It's an opportunity for us to provide about 250 jobs in the community and to be part of a shopping center that would include quite a few other retail locations,” said Wall.
Kern County is preparing the environmental impact report for the proposed store. The EIR is expected to take 12-18 months for review.
County Planning division chief, Craig Murphy, said the store will also need to propose a zone-change for the farmland.
“The project requires a general planning and rezone change from agricultural designation to commercial designation," said Murphy.
Marie Lenzi owns a small business in Lamont and said that there isn’t a need for another Wal-Mart in the area because Lamont locals already go to the Panama Lane store.
There are currently four Wal-Mart stores in Bakersfield, and a fifth opening in Delano later this year. Wal-Mart also has proposals to build two other stores in Kern County.