Kern County teachers making $67K and up a year

Kern County teachers making $67K and up a year »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — A new report shows that teachers across the state are enjoying a healthy paycheck. The report, issued this month by the Department of Education, breaks down the average pay for teachers by district.

Statewide, the average teacher pay is just over $68,000 a year. The average superintendent is collecting roughly $167,000 a year.

The average teacher pay is often determined by three things: an area's cost of living, how much the district is willing to pay and the number of experienced teachers employed in the district.

Kern County has five of the top 25 highest-paying districts in the Valley. The report says Taft high school teachers make just more than $79,000 a year. The average teacher in Fruitvale makes just more than $67,000. District superintendents in those areas make $160,000 and $136,000, respectively.

Other notable local districts, such as the Kern High School District, pay on average about $67,000 a year, with the superintendent pulling in $231,000 a year in KHSD.