New businesses coming to California Avenue shopping center

New businesses coming to California Avenue shopping center »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - New businesses are popping up at the Bakersfield Plaza shopping center on California Avenue.

In as early as two weeks, a Panera Bread will open and Ross Dress for Less should be opening in early fall.

Ana Villatoro, who is the owner of a local business in the shopping center, Anita's Mexican Grill, is excited for the new co-tenants.

"We have a lot of customers coming to this shopping center," said Villatoro. "It's growing, I'm so happy for that."

She said after the closures of both Circuit City and Mervyn's, two of the biggest stores in the shopping center, her business along with many others, suffered.

"It was not good at that time, very slow," said Villatoro. "Slow business."

As more and more businesses come in, Villatoro said her restaurant benefits as they bring more customers in.

Shopper Carlos Magallanes lives in the area and said the addition of new stores benefits everyone.

"Business is going to pick up around here; it is good it's about time we got some stores over here," said Magallanes. "We had to drive all the way across town for the Ross and stuff and now it's close."

The Bakersfield Planning Department said that the shopping center has already been rebounding from the difficult time and the new developments will add on to the continued success of the center.