Customers complain of delays with

Customers complain of delays with

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — With just days until Christmas, some shoppers are desperately hoping the gifts they ordered from a website will arrive in time. Eyewitness News heard from viewers complaining about the shopping website That company admitted Thursday that some of its suppliers are overwhelmed but promised to speed up holiday deliveries. advertises great prices on a lot of items. But, the company's also the target of a number of complaints. That starts with shoppers saying they aren't getting what they paid for, and can't get information about their orders.

Eyewitness News put out a query on its Facebook page about customer experiences.

Viewer JoAnna wrote she ordered a tablet but got word back had run out of stock. Becci said she ordered four tablets, and got three of them, but never heard back on what happened to the fourth. Marci said she ordered two tablets and never got them, but she did get a smaller item that she also ordered.

Some viewers said they love the site and have absolutely no problems.

But, a number of customers also complained that when they have problems with an order, they can never get through to by phone or email.

On Thursday, Eyewitness News called the customer service line and was connected with an operator, who then referred us to a corporate office. Calling that number, we tried to leave a message, but the message box was full.

Next, we found a phone number in New York for a office. We called and left messages at several different extensions. We also put through a message through the company email.

Several hours later, company attorney Cliff Schneider called back, and he also sent a statement.

"We are aware of the concerns expressed by customers with respect to shipping delays on the items they ordered for the Holidays," Schneider said.

He said the company policy is to have orders received no more than three weeks after they're ordered, and often they're received sooner than that.

But, Schneider said orders have "soared" during the holiday season, and there have been unexpected delays. However, he offered a promise.

"All orders placed through December 9th and not already received will be shipped out by tomorrow December 20th via expedited shipping (at no additional cost to our customers) to ensure prompt delivery," his statement reads. has what Schneider called a "drop/ship" model. He said the company has various suppliers and vendors, and orders are shipped directly from those suppliers.

"Some vendors have been overwhelmed," he told Eyewitness News. "That's caused shipping delays."

But, the company also comes under fire for how they handle complaints. Some shoppers charge that negative comments on the Facebook page are immediately deleted.

Schneider said those posts are not deleted, but they are "hidden." He said those customers are then contacted directly by the company.

"It wouldn't be productive to have a back-and-forth string of comments," the attorney said.

Though some customers told Eyewitness News when their complaint was posted, they disappeared, and they never heard from the company.

Some shoppers with negative experiences are now putting their comments on a Facebook page dedicated completely to complaints about The founder of that Facebook page told Eyewitness News he has more than 2,000 comments. They complain about everything from shipping delays, to product quality, to not being able to contact

The Better Business Bureau has also come down on the company. That organization gives a "D minus."

The BBB said it has heard complaints about customers getting incorrect items, or products that are poor quality or defective.

"Consumers state that they are encountering difficulties with company's customer service department," the BBB website also says. "One problem consumers say they continue to have is that assurances made by customer service representatives about delivery dates or refunds for returned merchandise are not being honored by the company."

Eyewitness News heard from some customers who are very pleased with One viewer said she's made four or five orders, with no problems. Another reported being "very satisfied," one said the products were good quality at a good price.

But, for those worried about getting their orders in the next few days, the company spokesman said the best way to contact them is by email at Some viewers have complained they don't get a response from the email.

Schneider responded, "There is a backlog and customer service agents are working through the backlog as fast as possible. Additional agents have been put on to handle the volume."