Bakersfield adds East Hills Mall to list of future revamps

Bakersfield adds East Hills Mall to list of future revamps »Play Video

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - The city of Bakersfield is now taking steps to push for the success of low-performing businesses.

Five areas around Bakersfield have caught the attention of city planners, due to concern the businesses won't survive. City planners are hopping to revive the low-performing areas by defining them under a list of "Economic Opportunity Areas."

Under the title, the low-performing businesses fall under a file of economic incentives, where planners will work with current and future property owners to revamp the areas with the goal of economic success.

Vice Mayor and Ward 3 Councilman Ken Weir asked city planners to add the East Hills Mall to the list.

"I think if we can put in place the opportunity for businesses to thrive, they'll want to come there,” said Weir.

Built 27 years ago, the mall has been ravished with closed anchor stores. Weir said he hopes with the added focus from the city, the space will one day house large anchor stores again. He added their plans are only in the beginning stages.

"If you get into an area where the businesses are successful and have a history of success, other businesses are going to want to come to that area,” said Weir.

Bakersfield Community Development Director Doug McIsaac said the city has paid close attention to low-performing locations around town - like East Hills Mall - and is thinking of the people of Kern County when setting the new developments.

No official timeline has yet been set for the new developments.