Attention Bakersfield businesses: What do you need to succeed?

Attention Bakersfield businesses: What do you need to succeed?

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — The Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce is conducting its first-ever Business Walk on Thursday morning.

The face-to-face business survey will encompass more than 450 businesses from throughout all areas of the city, representing a variety of industries, according to the Chamber.

The aim: find out what businesses need in order to thrive.

Results will be compiled and shared with the community and appropriate agencies for follow-up action.

"The Business Walk is designed to measure the local business climate and provide local business owners and managers with a list of resources that can help them manage and grow their businesses," said Cindy Pollard, Chamber president and CEO in a news release. "We encourage all businesses in the Business Walk survey areas to give us just five minutes of their time on Jan. 31, so that we can find out how we can help our local businesses be more successful."

Business Walk survey areas:

  • Coffee Road  - Between Hageman Road and Rosedale Highway
  • Columbus Street - Between River Boulevard and Vassar Street
  • District Boulevard - Between Ride Street and Shepard Street
  • Downtown - 17th Street through 21st Street, between F and K streets
  • Easton Drive
  • Office Park Drive - Between Commercial Way and Truxtun Avenue
  • Rosedale Highway - Between Calloway Drive and Gibson Street
  • Fountain Plaza Shopping Center - Coffee Road and Truxtun Avenue
  • Town and Country Village Shopping Center - Coffee Road and Stockdale Highway