Employment Boot Camp: Man's struggles all too common

Employment Boot Camp: Man's struggles all too common »Play Video
Robert Herrera Jr. is looking for work. The Kern County man has been without a full-time job since 2006.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — With Kern County facing a higher unemployment rate than the nation, it's not hard to find someone looking for work. One man is sharing his struggle with Eyewitness News, a struggle that's all too common.   

Robert Herrera Jr. is used to working his way up the ladder. He's done it before and isn't afraid to do it again. But finding a job in this economy is proving a lot harder than he expected, after five years of standing in the unemployment line.

"I just wish I could take my wife on a nice trip somewhere or we could just be comfortable enough to not worry about week to week," Herrera  said.

Worrying about paying bills has consumed Herrera's life ever since he lost his full time job. 

"We've lost a lot. I lost my house. I lost my truck," he said.

He's also lost some pride. His parents are struggling right now and Herrera isn't in a position to help them. He is searching endlessly through want ads and trolling online to find someone who will give him a chance. 

Herrera doesn't have any higher education, and, according to a local temp agency, he isn't alone. About 80 percent of people who use their services don't have a college degree. 

The state gives him $50 a week through unemployment. It's not enough to live on, so Herrera is turning to A-plus Employment, hoping to get work. 

Cindy from A-plus Employment said there are a lot of options out there right now. Herrera seems hopeful about getting a full-time job. We'll continue to follow his story and see if he is finally able to get a full-time job.