Buried body parts: Documents ID alleged victim, motive

Buried body parts: Documents ID alleged victim, motive

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Police unearthed body parts this week during a murder investigation conducted at a pair of Bakersfield homes. Court documents obtained Friday identify the alleged victim and motive.

Frank Valles, 45, is accused of killing Alphonso John Hyde sometime between January 2008 and July 2012, the court documents show. Valles was allegedly motivated by financial gain, collecting thousands of dollars a month from Hyde’s Native American benefits.

Hyde lived with Valles and his wife in 2008, according to the probable cause for arrest. Hyde was reported missing Aug. 8 of this year.

In recent months, Consuelo Valles, who currently has a restraining order against Frank Valles, suspected her husband of cheating on her. In an effort to apparently catch Frank Valles admitting to an affair, Consuelo Valles put a recording device in their kitchen. She recorded Frank Valles asking another man, Pablo Medrano, to move Hyde's buried remains, a sheriff's office document states.

Frank Valles allegedly told Medrano that he'd pay him $1,000 to move Hyde's remains, apparently from the backyard of a home near Buena Vista and Harris roads to Frank Valles' new home off Curnow Road in south Bakersfield.

Medrano reportedly told officers that he bought horse manure to cover the smell of Hyde's body during transport.

Frank Valles was allegedly receiving and cashing $20,000 monthly checks from a Native American tribe to which Hyde belonged. He's accused of stealing $600,000 in benefits meant for Hyde.

Frank Valles first told officers how he killed Hyde and how he hid Hyde's body for four years, but Valles later told officers it was a hoax.

Cadaver dogs were used to locate Hyde's suspected remains at both the Grass Creek Drive home in southwest Bakersfield and the Curnow Road home in south Bakersfield.

Frank Valles appeared Friday afternoon in Kern County court for the first time to face a murder charge. The arraignment was continued.

Though seemingly not related to the murder case, Hyde remains listed as a sex offender on California's online sex offender registry. Hyde was convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with child under 14 years of age with force.

Hyde's been in violation of sex offender registration requirements since October 2008, according to the state website.