Target wins solicitation lawsuit against Nu Creations

Target wins solicitation lawsuit against Nu Creations »Play Video
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- It's a sight that was pretty common during the holiday season last year -- people sitting or standing in front of stores with brightly colored boxes asking for donations for a charity called Nu Creations.

Eyewitness News spoke with shoppers outside the Stockdale Target on Saturday who said the solicitors could sometimes get aggressive.

"You come out here and they're like, 'Give me your money!'" recalled Brittani Thompson. "We just want to get what we needed and go home. We don't want to be harassed."

Fellow Bakersfield resident Doug Haley felt the same about solicitors.

"It's annoying, just very annoying," he said. "Uncomfortable feeling to be asked those questions."

Eyewitness News has investigated Nu Creations in the past. The group claimed they were collecting money for the homeless, but customers were skeptical.

Then it turned out the solicitors got to keep half of what they collected.

There was also question about whether or not they could ask for money in front of Target, because the company had a no solicitation policy clearly posted.

During the holiday season, Nu Creation's supervisor Danyell Daniel said they had a right to be there, because the sidewalk was public property.

But Target recently won a lawsuit against Nu Creations, which bans the group from soliciting in front of their stores.

Customers were glad to hear the news.

"When we walked out I said, 'There's no people trying to harass us'," said Thompson. "That's pretty cool."

Bakersfield resident Sandro Soltero was also relieved. "A little bit more comfortable," she said. "I don't have to worry (or feel bad) that I didn't give that person money for charity."

"Great news," Haley said about the lawsuit decision. "Makes it easier to go in and out of the store. Glad they're gone."

Eyewitness News tried to contact both Target and Danyell Daniel for reaction to the "No Solicitation" decision but were unable to get a comment.