Volunteers come to town looking for dog abusers

Volunteers come to town looking for dog abusers
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A group of volunteer dog rescuers on Monday made their way to Bakersfield to try and find the people responsible for abusing two puppies and leaving them to die in a field.

The puppies were found over the course of three months in an area near Pioneer and Monica streets. They were suffering from cuts and chemical burns.

"Burns all the way down their back, and you know, cut ears with scissors or box cutters or whatever these people use," said an emotional Paula Penn, who helped rescue the dogs.

Penn, along with fellow rescuer Craig Hart, put up reward posters around the area where the dogs were found with pictures of the abused puppies, Smokey and Charlie, and in big red letters for a $5,000 reward.

Anyone with information about who abused these dogs can call the Kern County Animal Shelter at (661) 868-7100. Smokey and Charlie both have a Facebook page, as well.