Details of alleged rape by baseball player emerge

Details of alleged rape by baseball player emerge »Play Video
Josh Lueke (file photo)
BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- New information surfaced on the criminal case against Bakersfield Blaze baseball player Josh Lueke, who is charged with the rape of a Bakersfield woman.

In May 2008, the alleged victim attended a Blaze game and then met with some of the players at a bar after the game.

Kern County Superior Court records show the woman willingly went to several bars with the players, including Lueke, Clayton Hamilton and Kasey Kiker.

Court records show the woman admitted to drinking and partying with the players at at least three bars.

Kiker, who is no longer with the Blaze, told police while drinking with the alleged victim that they danced and kissed. Kiker told police the alleged victim kissed other men at the bar.

The woman eventually left the bar along with several of the players. She ended up in the apartment of Hamilton and Lueke.

The woman told police she remembered vomiting into the toilet at the apartment. While doing so, the woman told police someone she could not identify was standing at her side masturbating on her.

She said she passed out, and when she awoke at around 8:45 a.m., she told police she was lying on a couch with her pants down and other parts of her clothing were missing.

She told police she felt violated and that she never agreed to have sex with anyone. Investigators later obtained DNA samples from semen found on the woman's jeans and white tank top and from an anal swab.

A report from the Kern County Crime Lab states, "Josh Lueke matches this DNA" from the anal swab, tank top strap and hair of the alleged victim.

The report states this about DNA taken from the alleged victim and Lueke: "The victim and Josh Lueke cannot be excluded as possible contributors."

Lueke remains in custody, charged with rape with bail set at $150,000.