Parents: Bring back Tehachapi principal

Parents: Bring back Tehachapi principal »Play Video
Eric Trigueiro (file photo)
Hundreds packed the gymnasium at Tehachapi High School for the latest controversy in the Tehachapi Unified School District — the demotion of Jacobsen Middle School Principal Eric "Mister T" Trigueiro.

"We feel you have failed us some of you," said one parent to the Tehachapi Unified School District Board of Trustees.

Speaker after speaker, including teachers and staff from Jacobsen Middle School, told the board its decision to remove Trigueiro as principal was a mistake.

The school board has not said why it took this action, but district superintendent Dr. Richard Swanson previously told Eyewitness News
the district was pursuing "a change in philosophy." That brought a direct response from one parent and educator.

"The nebulous agenda of a different philosophy and direction smells largely of rotten politics," said the parent.

While most in the crowd supported Trigueiro, at least four speakers had another view.

"I want to commend the board for their decision," said Steven Vogel.
"They promised change for the school district, and they're finally making it happen."

A petition to recall four of the seven school board members who voted to remove Trigueiro was also presented. And students presented their own petition with more than 400 signatures in support of keeping Trigueiro as principal.

The effort may have paid off. While the school board kept silent on the issue, it will bring the issue back at its next board meeting. The board will meet in closed session and could decide to reinstate Trigueiro as principal.