Dabkovich: 'Magic Mike' is secret weapon in battle of the sexes

Dabkovich: 'Magic Mike' is secret weapon in battle of the sexes

For years, society has painted men as the less sophisticated sex - simpletons interested only in football, beer and women (the more scantily clad, the better).

The message was so strong that men started to believe it. In short, women were winning the battle of the sexes in blowout fashion.

Then came "Magic Mike." If there was such a thing as a Masculinist Movement, he'd be our Gloria Steinem.

The film stars Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum as male exotic dancers. According to the film's official website, the story revolves around Mike (Tatum), an entrepeneur by day, stripper by night. Of course, he finds a protege. And, I'm pretty sure McConaughey plays some sort of grizzled veteran who knows his way around a pair of chaps and a bottle of body oil.

There's also a love interest, but let's be honest, women are buying tickets to see the half-naked guys.

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My Facebook newsfeed has been crammed tighter than a pair of skinny jeans with posts from women talking about their plans for "girls' night." A lot of talk about appletinis, besties and ... "Magic Mike." Women of all ages, backgrounds and professions are going to see it.

The reviews from these women are flooded with comments describing McConaughey and company as "yummy," "delish" and "mmmm."

You blew it, ladies.

You can no longer roll your eyes at us for watching women's beach volleyball, buying the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue or even going to a "gentlemen's club" for a bachelor party.

Between "Magic Mike" and "Fifty Shades of Grey," you spilled the best kept secret of all time: You're just as bad as we are.

I pointed this out on Facebook, and some of your sisters agree.

My friend Cathy Manning, who is not a stick in the mud, commented, "The way women are acting over this movie totally wipes out their right to complain about male behavior."

Yep. We noticed.

"Honestly, there is such double standard there," commented the wife of an Eyewitness News producer who acknowledged she wants to see the movie but would be mad if her husband saw a female stripper movie.

A few women tried to use the "Showgirls defense." Doesn't work. Anybody remember packs of guys going to see that movie? Nope. Because it didn't happen.

In a series of lengthy comments, Sarah Swenson Cooper started by defending the women who saw the moving, saying, "(Men) have always gotten a pass."

By the end, it seemed like she realized how women have shown their hand, saying, "All you have to do is put Channing Tatum in a G (string) and we all run screaming. You guys should be gloating, not complaining."

Trust me. We're not complaining. This is all-out gloating.

We won't be disrespectful. But you can expect a few more "Women Of Budweiser" calendars around the the house. Perhaps the "Baywatch" DVD set? We're not sure yet. We're still feeling it out.

One thing is certain. Mike actually is magic, just not the kind you were expecting, ladies.