Divorcing for health care: couple may split to qualify

Divorcing for health care: couple may split to qualify
This photo provided by HHS shows the main landing web page for HealthCare.gov. (AP Photo/HHS)

A couple in New York tied the knot five years ago, mostly for the purpose of getting joint healthcare. Now, with the Affordable Care Act, they may soon divorce for the same reason.
Together, Nona Willis-Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara make more than the $62,000 level to qualify for subsidies under so called "Obamacare."

However, if they lived together as unmarried individuals, they would qualify for the subsidies and potentially could save hundreds of dollars a month.
Critics of the Affordable Care Act have called this the "marriage penalty," where it costs couples more money in health insurance to stay together.
When asked if divorce was worth it, Aronowitz said it would be for them, but they understood that marriage is a more important union for other people.

Aronowitz said she and her husband are deeply in love, and they're looking at other health options before making the divorce decision.