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Mimi Elkalla
Mimi Elkalla
I'm extremely happy to be a part of the Eyewitness News team here in beautiful Bakersfield.

I was born in Egypt, but I grew up in Bakersfield. This is a dream come true for me to be able to work for the news station I grew up watching.

My love of journalism started in high school where I was the editor-in-chief of my school paper, The Highland Fling. After graduating from Highland High in 2009, I left Bakersfield to attend college in Fresno. I majored in Broadcast Journalism at CSU Fresno, where I was able to experience a whole new world of journalism.

While in school, I interned at KSEE24, the NBC affiliate in Fresno. I was able to go out into the field and experience what the fast-paced news world was like for reporters. Through Fresno State Focus, the student-run newscast on campus, I was able to get some multimedia journalism experience. That's where I was able to report, shoot and edit packages, and anchor.

After graduating and earning my bachelor's degree, I moved back to Bakersfield in late December 2013. I am so excited to be back home, and I was blessed enough to start the career I've always wanted in April 2014.

On my free time, I enjoy spending time with my amazing family and friends. I love trying new places to eat, reading, bike riding, and relaxing by the lake

I'm so eager to learn more and meet those of you in Bakersfield that I have not had the pleasure of already meeting. There is no where I would rather be. I love reporting about the good in Bakersfield that tends to be forgotten sometimes.

If you ever have any story ideas, please email me at melkalla@bakersfieldnow.com.

You can watch me on weekends and some weeknights on Eyewitness News.

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